Since our founding more than 30 years ago, the phrase, “Making all things new,” has been central to our way of life. This sense of newness now extends online to the recently relaunched Mountain website here at – our new digital ministry home.

This more visual, expressive and modern website offers an invitation for a digital encounter, focusing on the Mountain’s Gospel manner of life, its relationship to the land and a call for participation.

“From its beginning, in the hearts of Bonaventure students as well as friends far away, we helped each other know that ‘the Mountain isn’t only on the Mountain.’ It is shared in homes and on the road where you are. Our new website helps provide us not only a two-way, but multi-way, of joining each other through media.” says Fr. Dan Riley, ofm, animator and founder. “The peace and re-creation of this holy hilltop is always with you and your needs. Now, more and more, you will share with us your heartfelt understandings and longings to serve the world with us from where you are. The world is very large, but also close, as our new website allows you and I to be right now.”


New Website Features

The new online experience welcomes people into community from across the country in a variety of ways:

“Our new website allows people both near and far to immerse themselves into what the Mountain has to offer the world. Many people hunger for this way of life in their own lives, which is what our focus was as we decided the features to include,” says Mike Fenn, executive director.


Building with Living Stones

The new site was built over a 16-month period — an initiative led by the Mountain’s communications committee, which is chaired by Greg Licamele, a board of trustees member. In addition, Mountain staff — led by Fr. Dan, Br. Kevin Kriso, ofm, Fenn and Mary Giardini — played a key role in expressing the Mountain’s physical sense to a digital space. The core of the site was designed and implemented by Perisphere Media in Washington, D.C., which was founded by Matt Smith and Marc DelMonico, two former Students for the Mountain.

“Today’s digital ecosystem is noisy, loud and distracting,” Licamele says. “Like our physical space at the Mountain or on the road, our new website is a place to draw away from the noise and take time to reflect. It provides an impression of Mountain life. It is our way to extend a digital invitation to any visitor to join us in relationship for the first time or to stay connected with us as we each strive to make all things new in our lives.”