Through the years, many people have shared their reflections about their experience at Mt. Irenaeus, their faith journey and much more. We invite you into these select reflections to find food for your journey.

In collaboration with the Franciscan Service Network, which is a group of Franciscan-based service programs across the United States and the world, we’re pleased to offer this stations of the cross guide for your Lenten journey. In it, you’ll read many Franciscan voices reflecting upon a station of the cross, including three stations from our Mountain […]

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When my nephew, John, and his wife, Corin, invited us to their home to share in a Mountain experience with Father Dan, we were intrigued. John had been telling us about the Come to the Mountain retreats for a long time, but we were never able to make one. So when he said that the […]

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Perhaps, you have wondered, as I have, what that Mountain phrase, “making all things new” means? I’m sure that it means more than just one thing, but when rolling those words around in our minds we can hear echoes of various religious and philosophical traditions. For some, it’s a literal reflection of the Book of […]

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For me this journey toward Christ started by a long and windy road to understand how to see Christ with new eyes. Wounding ways and simplistic views, grounded in sorting habits and judgmental world views, often encountered at the doorstep of many churches deterred me from doing just this. Mt. Irenaeus offered a welcoming and […]

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Have you ever thought about the power of your hands? The deep, intricate power that we each hold within our palms? The power to love. The power to pray. The power to eat. The power to give. Our practice at the Mountain and in gatherings throughout the world is to hold hands during the Our Father and […]

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Joe Flynn, a former Mountain Companion, shared his reflections on this important ministry and its limitless gifts.

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