Slice of Life at Mt. Irenaeus


What is life like at Mt. Irenaeus?

This video tells a slice of our story to the world, as one expression of the life of St. Francis, where life is centered around attending to what is primary: presence to God, others, one’s self and the earth.

We invite you to watch this video to learn a little more about our life, our co-ministry with St. Bonaventure University and our invitation to all of you to join us in making all things new. In particular, if you have an interest in joining our community as a Mountain companion or as a brother friar, see the links below.

NOTE: All video was taken prior to COVID-19, so masks and social distancing are not evident. However, our life continues following health guidelines, coordination with St. Bonaventure University and reaching out to the world in new online ways since the pandemic began. The pace of our life has changed a bit, but the core mission and vision remain the same. Come try our way of life!

Many of you watching or exploring this video may have joined us at some point in our 30+ years of ministry at the Mountain, on the road, in a home or elsewhere. No matter the duration of your connection — one visit or a lifetime of visits — we invite you to share any experience of YOUR slice of life experience at Mt. Irenaeus. Tell us about a time walking our trails or praying in our Chapel. Perhaps it was a memorable meal in the House of Peace. Or maybe it was a time in someone’s home at a location near you. Share your thoughts below. Thank you! 

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Mountain Companions

Since our founding, we have welcomed lay men and women to this way of life and ministry. Mountain Companions help lead the various retreats taking place throughout the year and “walk with” our guests on their spiritual journeys. They help tend the land and provide hospitality at the Mountain while living and working among the friars and guests.

For Our Brother Friars

We walk in unity with Franciscan brothers throughout the United States and the world. In that spirit, Mt. Irenaeus welcomes Franciscan friars to live on the land and share our Gospel manner of life and ministry. If you are a friar interested in a more contemplative way of life, growing closer to God, God’s people and the natural world, then come try our way of life at Mt. Irenaeus.