Mountain in Your Home

What is Mountain In Your Home?

Mountain in Your Home celebrates the joy and peaceful reflection of Mt. Irenaeus to your home and your local community. It is a time for prayerful reflection with your neighbors and friends sharing the Franciscan values and demonstrating that the wonderful spirit of the Mountain can be found in each of us as we join together in small groups.

Who should be invited?

Mountain in Your Home is open to anyone in your community who is interested in experiencing the Mountain through shared prayer, contemplation and reflection. St. Bonaventure alums have usually been part of groups, as well as others in the community of faith.

What type of prayers and rituals are included?

Each Mountain In Your Home is unique. The recipes provide a framework for prayers and rituals that are consistent with Mountain tradition.  The lighting of the candle, the “Be Still” Psalm and the pouring of the water are some examples of the traditions built into the recipes. We encourage hosts and planning teams to use the framework of the recipes and yet bring some of your own thoughts to the experience.

Is music part of the celebration?

Yes, there are a few selections of music that have become synonymous with MIYH.  They are “There Is A Light” and “Streams of Living Water” by Fr. Cyprian Consiglio. Additional music, of course, may be used as the local planning team sees fit. 

Should we provide time for fellowship?

It is suggested that providing time for fellowship offers the opportunity for participants to forge deeper relationships following prayer and reflection. Making time for fellowship is an important element that reflects Franciscan tradition. 

Should we serve food?

Yes, it is recommended that you ask each person attending to bring a dish to share. Again, this reflects the Franciscan tradition of a simple meal to break bread with one another. 

Is there support from Mt. Irenaeus for these events?

Yes. When you decide you’d like to host a Mountain In Your Home, you may contact the Mountain for information. You may be referred to this website for information or you may be connected with another community that has experience.

How do we articulate the message to invitees about these experiences?

The message to others is about taking time for prayerful reflection, to be grateful and to share a deep faith in a small, intimate setting with others. It is a time for quiet contemplation, sharing with others and learning more about yourself in prayer. It is a remarkable and peaceful experience to bond with others through this unique connection of the Mountain.

What steps do I need to take to host?

If you would like to host a MIYH, you would need to take the following steps:

  1. Search the resource page for sample guides (called “recipes”) for an evening/day of prayer.
  2. Contact the Mountain staff for names of alumni in your community to invite.
  3. Identify friends and family locally who you might invite (note: this is open to all, not just SBU alums)
  4. Recruit a couple of other individuals to be part of your planning team.
  5. Identify the “recipe” that works for your team. Identify individuals who will take part in the celebration and ask them to take on roles such as opening reflection, petitions, readings, etc. 
  6. Send an email invitation to your list of potential participants, with an RSVP date.
  7. Finalize the list of attendees and send them a final email with all the details and ask them for reconfirmation of their participation.
  8. Ask each person who attends to bring a dish to share.
  9. Follow the prayer and reflection with fellowship.
  10. Invite others to host the next gathering.