Strategic Plan

We’ve embarked on a strategic plan to help guide our ministry, dream of new ideas and focus our resources.

The Board of Trustees adopted six objectives, supported by the resident community, staff and additional friends. Elements of this plan are already taking root in our life, while many of the areas noted have been part of our ministry for decades.


6 Strategic Initiatives

Outreach to Worldwide and U.S. Franciscans

Action items include:

  • Identify and nurture relationships with friars who share an interest in our way of life, with the possibility of future ministry with us.
  • Further develop specific partnerships and relationships with groups like the Franciscan Federation and organizations such as Fr. Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation.
  • Become a learning ground for Franciscan contemplation.
Seek Others to Develop Diverse Community

Action items include:

  • Identify and speak to other communities who live their mission through mixed Franciscan communities.
  • Working closely with the resident community, expand the responsibility of our personnel committee to include all areas of recruitment, application, acceptance and transition into the Mountain community.

Co-Ministry with St. Bonaventure

Action items include:

  • Continue seeking to understand today’s students, through relationship building and frank conversations, receive feedback of their Mountain experience through surveys and periodic focus groups.
  • Foster partnerships on campus, expanding our outreach to the student population through channels including University Ministries and beyond.
  • Develop consistent messages and solutions to raise student awareness of ability to access the Mountain.
  • Look for ways to serve the staff, faculty and administration of St. Bonaventure.
Expand Footprint Beyond the Mountain

Action items include:

  • Further develop on the road and virtual ministries, ensuring a common experience across all types of gathering, and cultivating local leadership to build their own communities.
  • Develop more ways of sharing the Gospel message lived out through the Mountain’s life and ministry.

Design Physical Master Plan


  • Help begin to visually shape the future of the Mountain in terms of the location and layout of new structures to support the above initiatives.

Create Comprehensive Advancement Plan
  • This strategic planning project is the means to develop an exciting, vibrant, vision that gets friends excited about our future. It’s now time to reach out and ask for their help.

Dreaming of New Ideas

Our six objective areas feature many goals and strategies, which allow us to dream of new ideas. These six concepts are some of the ideas we’ve been thinking and praying about:

1.) Establish Hermitage Community for New U.S. Province of Friars

2.) Serve as Home Friary for Itinerant, Traveling Community of Friars

3.) Integrate a Robert Lax Cottage for Civil Discourse

4.) Foster an Intentional Mixed Community of Lay and Religious

5.) Form Laudato Si Ministry for Ecological Sustainability 

6.) Build Multimedia and Art Studio