Mt. Irenaeus is more than a location; it is a spirit and a community that speaks to us as we move in the world, offering through word and deed the love of God we experience together. But there are always material needs that must be met as well, and friends of the Mountain have various ways to offer support for both the daily needs and spiritual mission we find here.

Kevin Purdy, a longtime friend of the Mountain, speaks of his family’s decision to offer a monthly gift, a manageable way to contribute and share the message of love and peace following the Franciscan way.


Giving Tuesday Donation

On this Giving Tuesday, please consider a monthly donation that will help support the Mountain. Kevin’s words highlight this challenge that was created by our friend, Jean MacLeay, who will match anyone who signs up for a monthly gift. The match will cover the 12-month total of all monthly gifts signed up today, up to $5,000.


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