Dear Friends,

Many of us have a long history with St. Bonaventure University either as graduates or family affiliates.

With you, we share the very sad and tragic news of Dr. Dennis DePerro’s passing. In the midst of our sadness together, let us especially remember his wife Sherry, their sons Andrew and Matthew, and other family members.

This certainly is a devastating time for them and it has shocked all of us here at Bona’s, though we know Dennis has been gravely ill for some time. You may be thinking, as we are, that all families pull together at times like this, helping each other grieve in our own way, offering support as we can.  Somehow, we will begin to see hope beyond this tragedy for all of us. This great loss brings to mind the University’s historical tragedies that presented us the challenge to trust in ourselves and our heritage.

From Dennis’ time interviewing as a candidate through becoming President of St. Bonaventure, he understood the value of Mt. Irenaeus as part of the Franciscan university experience. Dennis expressed interest and joined the Mt. Irenaeus board in 2019. He greatly enjoyed personal visits to the Mountain for a deeper appreciation of our larger Franciscan heritage.

As we partner with the St. Bonaventure community, we partner in the Franciscan Mission that Dennis was deeply committed to. We all remain committed to take his lead to continue the growth of this Mission through the Bona community and the world.

Let us continue to pray for each other, for Dennis’ family and St. Bonaventure University (pray with us online and lift each other’s prayers up).

For the Mountain Community,

Mike Fenn,
Kevin Kriso, ofm
Dan Riley, ofm