Are you interested in living the Mountain life and ministry? Consider our July/August Companion Program!

The summer is an incredible time to experience the Mountain. We are inviting men and women interested in living and supporting the life during the busy summer months. This ties into our interest of building a larger, richer community with lay people living amongst the friars as part of the ministry that the Mountain provides to the world.

That is why we are kicking off our July/August Companions programs — an invitation for others to live the life of the Mountain for as little as a week, or a month, or two months throughout July and/or August. While experiencing the silence and simplicity would be the primary aspect of time spent here, it’s expected that Companions would also participate in the activities of the daily life of the Mountain: cooking meals, helping in the garden and other outdoor projects, welcoming guests, participating in the prayer life, and at times leading prayer. These are all parts of the full life we are welcoming others into.

Please contact Br. Kevin Kriso at [email protected] or Mike Fenn at [email protected] if you have any questions or are interested in being part of this new and exciting way of experiencing the Mountain!