We are sad to share with you the sudden passing of our friend, Marge Musial, who shared our way of life for more than 30 years at the Mountain. Marge went home to Christ on Aug. 14.

As one of our first Living Stones, Marge left her mark on Mt. Irenaeus through the lives she touched and her spiritual leadership as a Secular Franciscan. In addition to her Mountain home, Marge was an active member of many church groups and organizations in Western New York and we are blessed to call her our sister in Christ.

“I can remember meeting Marge when I was a student in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I can still picture her in front of our small kitchen sink cleaning dishes in the Other House.”  recalls Mike Fenn. “I always found Marge to be a quiet yet caring presence. She would speak about the peacefulness of the Mountain, that she could really experience God’s presence here. Marge lived what we speak of as the 4 “S”s of the Mountain: Solitude, Silence, Simplicity and Service.

“The last time I saw Marge, she was sitting on a bench, within our Labyrinth of Remembrance. We will always remember Marge for the generous, selfless witness she has been for a lifetime,” said Dan Riley, ofm.

Even in death, we are very thankful to Marge and her family for directing memorial gifts to Mt. Irenaeus. If you’d like to read Marge’s obituary, it can be found here.