Mt. Irenaeus will soon be fully powered by the sun!

Following project approval by our Board of Trustees earlier this year, full solar power is coming to our land. Shifting to complete reliance on solar power has long been a part of the mission of Mt. Irenaeus, in keeping with Franciscan values (building on an early solar array atop the Other House). Our relationship with the sun is both practical and spiritual; to harness her power is to promote conservation of the earth and serve the greater good. We ‘save the environment’ not merely for the earth itself, but for all living creatures, especially the poor who often are the greatest victims of pollution and climate change.

At our Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 30, the land where the solar arrays will be installed was blessed.

Land preparation for the berm is underway as shown below. Full construction of the solar system itself is expected to begin in December. Thanks to generous benefactors, the project is fully funded.