The Power of Digital Ministry

Have you ever thought about the power of your hands? The deep, intricate power that we each hold within our palms?

The power to love. The power to pray. The power to eat. The power to give.

Our practice at the Mountain and in gatherings throughout the world is to hold hands during the Our Father and then embrace each other with hugs — anchored by our hands.

Our hands also give us the power to tell stories. To type. To create. To edit. To serve as digital ministers.

Many of us in the Mountain community have been using our collective hands to further shape and mold the communications identity and palette of the Mountain. We’ve gotten our hands “dirty” in ink,
icons and images. We’ve blessed one another and hopefully you through new digital tools such as this website, an email newsletter, Facebook posts asking for prayer intentions, videos, podcasts and more.

Our world continues to shrink yet it expands with possibilities, including communications tools. The Mountain is everywhere including on our phones, computers and printed materials. Our circle is trying to animate the Mountain’s mission to connect with you.

But we’re one small group gathered in a virtual circle. We can all serve as digital ministers and caring communicators with our own two hands. We can hold hands in prayer across time zones on the Mountain Facebook page. We can share online meditations from the Mountain website with friends in need. These tools are powerful, especially when we hold them in the palms of our digital hands. But our call moves beyond just holding them; it’s to share and give.

The Mountain family across the country and the world will never be in the same place at the same time like a traditional faith community, but our call to gather is an ancient one that transcends time and space. We can communicate, pray and share with each other no matter our location. We invite you in and welcome you from near or far with the power of your hands to help make all things new.

— By Greg Licamele, Board of Trustees and Mountain Communications Committee Chair

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